Dear friends,

the 2021 edition of Pindos Historic Rally is getting prepared! Regularity Master, and SISA, invite you to participate in a demanding regularity rally, which will take you on routes of wild beauty, in the Pindus mountain area, in the Northwest of Greece.
The rally will take place during the very first weekend of September 2021 (Rally during Friday and Saturday, prize giving ceremony on Sunday).

• Presentation of the rally:
The rally will take place in the Pindus mountain area, around the beautiful city of Ioannina, steeped in history, at the crossroads of Greek and Balkan civilizations. The routes we have chosen will take you to classic destinations, such as the traditional village of Metsovo, the Zagoria valley or Mount Tzoumerka, as well as to more wild and confidential horizons.

It is a historic regularity rally on open roads. Time keeping will be executed via a satellite system. The difficulty, but also the beauty of this rally, will be in the combination of magnificent routes with narrow and winding roads with high averages (max 50 km / h). Crews will cover 350 to 400 km per day, more than half of which will be regularity tests.

For 2021 edition, a Sport Touring category is also foreseen, with less km per day (250~270) and less checkpoints, all of them marked on the road book and with given ideal time.

• Participation:
In view of its demanding nature, this rally is aimed at experienced crews and well-prepared cars. You have until Friday July 2, 2021 to register, although we would be grateful if you could do so as soon as possible in order to facilitate the organization of the rally.

For more info (Program, Regulation, Entry Form), please visit the Downloads area of our site.

For the organizing committee,

Spyros Moustakas

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